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Church Sanctuary

 With symmetrical steps leading up to the altar and ambo and lectern, this renovation will truly breathe new life into the celebration of the Eucharist. Our team will achieve this by centering the main altar, installing a stunning new rear altar, and framing it with gold leaf banding around a Venetian plaster background. The existing brick walls will be transformed with grass cloth wallcovering and a new plaster-like painted finish. We'll even be adding statue of St. James the Great to the niche where the manna from heaven once was. 

Sanctuary Renovation

We are excited to announce our Sanctuary Renovation project! Your contribution will help us revitalize the celebration of the Eucharist and create a more welcoming environment for all.
Thank you for considering a donation to our renovation.

*Please note that the Parish will incur a 2.9% (American Express is 4.3%) + .30¢ processing fee from all donations that are submitted through this website. If you would like the Parish to avoid this fee and so you can receive credit for the full donation, please make your donation via check or cash at the Parish Office.


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Giving Opportunities



Remove all items necessary to begin renovation work on the Sanctuary. This includes handrails, bench seating, ambo, carpet, tile, modifying the choir risers, etc.

Estimated Need: $23,700.00

 Altar Platform & Steps


Form and pour new concrete to make the altar platform symmetrical and add a new step across the front of the sanctuary.

Estimated Need: $13.600.00

Fill brick joints with mortar


Fill the existing joints in the masonry walls with mortar to create a smooth texture.

Estimated cost: $23,700.00

 Altar Ceiling  

Description: Install furring and a new 1x6 v-groove clear pine ceiling over the sanctuary. 

Estimated Cost: $43,400.00

Ornamental Handrails for Altar


Fabricate new custom handrails to match the look and finish of the new ambo & lectern.

Estimated Cost: $47,500.00

Miscellaneous blocking/framing and Trim


Estimated Cost: $12,200.00

Sound Attenuation Ceiling Insulation


Add new insulation at the new walls and remove & replace the thermal insulation above the new ceiling.

Estimated Cost: $4,400.00

Acoustical and Drywall Construction


New infill and accent walls at the rear of the sanctuary.  

Estimated Cost: $25,800.00

Finish Drywall, Paint, Wall covering and Venetian Plaster


Float & finish the new drywall, paint new drywall and masonry walls, new grass cloth wall covering and new venetian plaster finish at the rear of the sanctuary.

Estimated Cost: $30,100.00

Muted Gold Leaf Backdrop Banding


Add a muted gold leaf surface finish on the new accent banding surrounding the new rear altar.

Estimated Cost: $4,900.00

Wood Flooring


New white oak engineered hardwood flooring at the sanctuary and choir risers.

Estimated Cost: $50,200.00

New Lectern/Ambo

Description: Custom build a new painted solid wood ambo and lectern, each with A/V capabilities and a gold leaf inlaid cross and a matching stool.

Estimated Cost: $14,900.00

Re-install Altar Furniture


Re-install the existing main altar and choir pews, clean and suspend the existing crucifix over the main altar, relocate the existing sanctuary lamp and install the new rear altar.

Estimated Cost: $8,600.00

Electrical Work


Provide new power to the relocated altar, ambo & lectern. Remove & replace the existing area and accent lighting with new LED lighting.

Estimated Cost: $47,000.00

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Giving Levels

Visionary Level: $50,000+

Includes: Major structural and aesthetic contributions such as Wood Flooring or the Altar Ceiling.

Recognition:  Prominent acknowledgment on a donor plaque in the sanctuary and special mention in church publications.

Guardian Level: $25,000 - $49,999

Includes: Significant elements like Acoustical & Drywall Construction or the Priest/Altar Server Chairs.

Recognition: Name listed on a donor plaque in the sanctuary and recognition in church bulletins.

Steward Level: $10,000 - $24,999

Includes: key components such as the New Lectern/Ambo, Ornamental Handrails, or Sound Attenuation Insulation.

Recognition: Name listed on a donor plaque  and acknowledgement in church communications.

Patron Level: $5,000 - $9,999

Includes: Essential features like the Finishing & Painting, Reinstallation of Altar Furniture, or Brick Joint Filling.

Recognition: Name listed on a donor plaque  

Benefactor Level: $1,000 - $4,999

Includes: Supportive elements such as Reframing the Divine Mercy Print, Planter Infill, or Miscellaneous Blocking/Framing/Trim.

Recognition: Acknowledgment in church bulletins.

Friend Level: Up to $999

Includes: Contributions towards various aspects of the renovation like electrical upgrades or smaller finishing touches.

Recognition: Acknowledgment in church communications.

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