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Ushers Ministry



The role of ushers at the Mass, along with all the other lay ministries in the church today, is being cast in new light. Ushers are genuine “people persons” and exercise a true liturgical ministry of hospitality that helps to build community. They are not mere stagehands or money-collectors; instead, their service has become a real blessing to the people and a boost to the quality of worship as they strive for excellence in their ministry.

The warm friendliness and open hospitality of ushers greeting and welcoming congregates to the Mass provides an essential ingredient that prepares the congregation for the work of the Holy Spirit in the celebration to make all who share in it “one body, one spirit in Christ”. They guide the movement of people and the maintenance of good order and reverence during the Mass.

Usher activities include greeting and seating, tabulation of attendance, facilitating the offertory collection and procession and guiding the communion processions. Ushers also select volunteers for the offertory procession. And, at the end of Mass, after the celebrant leaves the congregation, the ushers distribute bulletins, and other written information, and bid a pleasant farewell as members depart. Ushers are also responsible for straightening up and getting the church ready for the next Mass.

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